Curiosity & Journalism – with Drew Costley

My second episode of “Choose to be Curious” aired yesterday. I’m feeling grateful for its lessons, mostly-learned:

  • The pre-recorded interview was fun and I lost track of time — which meant I had significant editorial challenges to cut it down to broadcast size. I like most of my decisions; might reconsider a few; regret none.
  • I tried to do all that editing on my own — which meant it took forever…and I learned a lot about what not to do. Nothing like doing a task yourself to realize how much skill these things take.
  • I had a vision for how I wanted the front section to work but had to say “uncle” when the editing overwhelmed me — which meant I had to get comfortable with Plan B.

Mostly, I realized that in today’s overheated public discourse, in which media are both polarized and polarizing, I found it incredibly refreshing to spend time in conversation with someone who brings genuine curiosity to journalism.

Listen in!

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