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I’m curious: what keeps you coming back? Let me know!

I’m grateful that you do. It’s a lot of fun having you along for the ride!

So I have a favor to ask: this week is Arlington Independent Media’s Winter Fund Drive – would you consider making a contribution to support the organization that trained and launched me, and now hosts my program along with so many other local, independently produced shows?

It’s easy: click right here, right now:

I hope you’ll choose to be generous! 😉

What a year it has been! It began with figuring out how to tell the story of our search for what became of my mother-in-law’s father, then rushed right into the excitement of having 16 high school students come to DC bent on changing the world, and has swelled into an extraordinary partnership with folks at American University as we choose to be curious about Choose to be Curious.

Along the way, I’ve chatted with an ethics consultant, environmentalists, historians, poets, advocates, psychologists, professors, teachers and even more students, performers, writers, a film-maker and an astrophysicist.  That doesn’t even count the zoo keeper I’m set to interview on Monday…

And now, we’re the stuff of research! 

Thanks to my many wonderful guests and the aforementioned exciting new partnership, Choose to be Curious has gotten some academic attention recently. Students at American University have been listening to episodes all semester and identifying the curiosity philosophies and practices in each conversation — and then we’re hoping to explore it scientifically as well. I can’t wait to see what we find!

Aside from loving the focus on curiosity, I also really appreciate the validation this represents for the power and value of locally produced, totally independent, community media like Choose to be Curious and the other programs coming out of Arlington Independent Media (AIM) and WERA, 96.7FM.

In this day and age, that feels all the more essential.

Which brings me to my request: while AIM’s work is free for the taking, it isn’t free in the making, and AIM need’s our help. As you think about your year-end giving and what you want to prioritize in the year ahead, please consider joining me in supporting AIM & WERA in any or all of these ways —

Become a Member– Join the ranks of people committed to promoting media literacy and independent production.  Membership is the welcome mat for all sorts of fabulous training and a great way to show you care about this important community asset.

Make a Donation– This week we’re celebrating WERA’s third anniversary (!!!) with our second AIM winter fund drive. Every donation helps.  Go ahead, choose to be generous!

Become an Underwriter– WERA invites businesses, causes and individuals to become underwriters for the radio station — and there’s a price point for every passion. You get on-air and online recognition of course (think: NPR), but mostly you show the entire world you value free speech, creativity and community. Promote your company, a favorite non-profit, or give a shout out to a loved-one on air – how cool is that?!

buttonsThis fall I opened a Choose to be Curious shop (all proceeds go to AIM) and got “Choose to be Curious” buttons printed up. Next time I see you, be sure to get a button for someone you think would enjoy the reminder!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting WERA and Arlington Independent Media!

~ Lynn

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