Strut your curious stuff. 

The Choose to be Curious Shop is now open. Wear your curiosity front and center. Put on your curiosity cap. Curiosity your cup of tea? Show the world!

HBR coverSuddenly, it’s everywhere. The cover of Harvard Business Review, stories in Forbes, Psychology Today and, ad campaigns for everything from Canon to 3M. Curiosity is ubiquitous.

“Look,” a friend said, pointing to pictures of the Pursue Curiosity banners that blanketed the Wellesley campus where he’d just delivered his daughter, “I thought of you!”  Over lunch this week another friend chuckled, “You were curious before curious was cool.”

Curiosity is the new black.

Clearly, the time has come to let others put curiosity front and center as well. To sit curiosity caps on noggins far and wide. To raise a cup to the Big C.

Choose to be Curious Shop
And so I offer you my Choose to be Curious Shop, your one-stop destination for all your Choose to be Curious shirts, hats, mugs and more. Get your holiday shopping out of the way now. Take the curiosity message to the streets. The world would benefit from a little more choosing to be curious, don’t you think?

Be the little reminder we all need.

And the best part is, all proceeds go to support Arlington Independent Media. How great is that?! 

I’d never worked with audio production, never spoken on the radio, never even contemplated this curious enterprise until AIM came into my life. Choosing to be curious, I walked through their doors in November 2015, and I haven’t looked back since.

If you like the show, the message, the spirit of it all, I hope you’ll tell the world with something from the collection. Because, you know, curiosity is cool.

Visit the Choose to be Curious Shop.

p.s. Be sure to share a picture of you strutting your curious stuff! #choosetobecurious

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