Inspired by a post to Capital Naturalist, and indulging my delight with Curiosity Walks, on October 1st I began what I hope is a month of #DailyLeaf.

Day 1:  All the Leaves Are Green. I checked my assumptions, realizing I was focused on charismatic brilliant foliage, of which there wasn’t much. I began to notice the variations in green and the lone leaves, early harbingers of things to come.  I named as many of the trees and shrubs as I could, and realized how many I could not.  I wondered: are blades of grass leaves? (I decided yes, because: Leaves of Grass.) I attended to what was overlooked and delighted in the small, unremarkable leaves hiding in plain sight. I thought: this is going to be fun.




Days 2 – 7: If you change your point of view, you will see something new.


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Day 8: The Danger of a Single Story.  I spent the last few days in Chicago at the Third Coast Conference, communing with 800 of my closest new radio and podcasting friends. It was a lot of time spent cooped up indoors, but my world opened up nonetheless.  Much of the discussion revolved around questions of power and whose stories get told anyway. I’ve been thinking about Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s wisdom about the dangers of a single story, the risks inherent in the very idea of a daily leaf. Attentive to perspective.


Day 9 – 14: The Things We Carry I hadn’t planned for it, but the theme in recent days was inescapable. My daily leaves were all about what gets picked up and carried along, what is borne. Sometimes we call that treasure, sometimes baggage. This week, in this way, they all seemed like gems to me.

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