Collections to tickle the fancy & encourage your curiosity.

Where is your favorite pocket park?


Arlington Curiosity Walk  Just because you live some place doesn’t mean you know all that it has to offer. A “curiosity walk” encourages you to see your home anew.



RBSH - story


Rehoboth Beach Curiosity Walk  A “curiosity walk” is like a scavenger hunt –  it encourages you to choose to be curious wherever you go. What makes you want to know more?




Gratitude  Thanksgiving inspired me to devote a week to focusing on the reasons to be grateful for all that curiosity offers. What inspires your gratitude?




Inspiration  A good quote goes a long way. This is a growing collection of insights, new and old, that keep me thinking…



Good Morning!


Morning Meditation  Lured by the soft, lush dawn light and curious about the flurry of birds overhead, I wandered outdoors and into a morning meditation. What questions get your day going?




#mycuriouseyes  Under the lovely leadership of Curiosity Global founder Karen Ward, I joined a world-wide group in devoting two weeks to using our curious eyes. In the end, it was a reminder: if we look for things, we’re much more likely to find them!

Kitchen - consider the pilot


Kitchen Edition For a week, I tried to look around my kitchen with fresh eyes, to appreciate anew the objects there and wonder at their stories.  It was like fishing for new stories among old friends. I recommend it.