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77 Feet The assignment: pick a creative contemplative practice to maintain for 77 days. I chose photos of my feet. What I’m seeing as I attend to these overlooked workhorses. (January – March 2022)

An Alternative Advent, v2020 Hidden doorways and little surprises, that’s what I decided I needed right now. (December 2020)

Arlington Curiosity Walk  Just because you live some place doesn’t mean you know all that it has to offer. A “curiosity walk” encourages you to see your home anew.

Art is EverywhereEvery day, all through the sweltering summer of 2023, I found art everywhere. You’ve be surprised what I found…

Rehoboth Beach Curiosity Walk  A “curiosity walk” is like a scavenger hunt –  it encourages you to choose to be curious wherever you go. What makes you want to know more?

#DailyLeaf A work in progress: one month of admiring a leaf a day (October 2018) 

Gratitude  Thanksgiving inspired me to devote a week to focusing on the reasons to be grateful for all that curiosity offers. What inspires your gratitude?

How To Change The World The students of Central Falls High School are no less eloquent than any of the other luminaries quoted here…

Inspiration  A good quote goes a long way. This is a growing collection of insights, new and old, that keep me thinking…

Kitchen Edition For a week, I tried to look around my kitchen with fresh eyes, to appreciate anew the objects there and wonder at their stories.  It was like fishing for new stories among old friends. I recommend it.

Morning Meditation  Lured by the soft, lush dawn light and curious about the flurry of birds overhead, I wandered outdoors and into a morning meditation. What questions get your day going?

Notice Nature Tickled by an invitation to moderate EcoAction Arlington‘s kick-off Biophilia Live! event, I was inspired to live biophilia all of October 2020, taking time every day to notice, appreciate, and “love our living world.” 

#mycuriouseyes  Under the lovely leadership of Curiosity Global founder Karen Ward, I joined a world-wide group in devoting two weeks to using our curious eyes. In the end, it was a reminder: if we look for things, we’re much more likely to find them!

#StayHome April 2020 called for a new kind of curiosity walk as we shelter in place.

Wear your curiosity front and center.
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