Leadership – with Scott Nycum

Spoiler Alert: This conversation about curiosity and leadership with Scott Nycum is full of great insights and “quotable moments.”  I’ll spare you a little note taking and share some bons mots here, but don’t let that deter you from listening to the whole show (it’s only 26 minutes, after all!).  Time well spent.

Curiosity can be a muscle that gets used to diagnose issues whether you are serving a customer or client, or for ourselves. It’s holding a mirror to think about the ways we’re interacting, and the bigger question: what’s the impact?

Great leaders are self-aware.

You can say more about what you know by the questions you ask than the statements you make.

Curiosity has to be one of the tools an effective leader would need to have, not just nice to have. It would almost be an essential component.

I need to sit with that for a minute.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #12: Curiosity and Leadership – with Scott Nycum.

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