What in the World? with Bunmi Akinnusotu

Bunmi Akinnusotu, producer and host of “What In The World?” — also on WERA-LP 96.7FM — explores what curiosity brings to world affairs. We ponder the power of courage in face of the unknown and why Americans seem so reluctant to learn about others. A fresh take on paying attention to the world around us.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #35: What in the World with Bunmi Akinnusotu.

These days, before each Choose to be Curious episode airs, the drive-time morning show gives me a few minutes to plug the show — and previous shows as well. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to revisit old conversations and collect nuggets I had forgotten were buried therein. This time it was a great excuse to hear from Wakefield High School government teacher, Patricia Hunt, about building her students’ news literacy.

How might we all be just a little more curious about the world and where we get our information?

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Episode 8: Curious About the World Around Us.

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