How to Change the World

Central Falls High School teacher Seth Kolker wrote:

The goal for our course on “How to Change the World” is simple and bold: by the end of the year, each student will have a working theory of how they want to change the world. All year, we’re going to meet inspiring student activists, lawyers, non-profit leaders, community volunteers, and elected officials who are working to make local change happen. And in April, we’ll travel to Washington, DC for a weeklong trip students are planning themselves.

And so they did.

It was, in a word, amazing.

I talked with the students about how curiosity just might help change the world.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #54: How to Change the World, with the Students of Central Falls High School

The students’ visit also provided an opportunity for an exciting cross-collaboration between Arlington Independent Media’s TV and radio productions. I was delighted to partner with Nathan Bynum and his Youth Can Change the World program to feature the budding activists.

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 27: You(th) Can Change the World

I hadn’t thought about the effect seeing their own words — designed, and in print — would have on the students.

It was profound.

I told them: if you stop and listen to one another, you’ll hear how eloquent you are.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the students of Central Falls High School:

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