Curiosity & Philanthropy, with Sonia Quiñónez

“Philanthropy has both the opportunity and the responsibility to say, ‘Step back. What would you try if you had the opportunity to try something different that might — or might not — make a change. And if it doesn’t, we’ll try something different next time…'” ~ Sonia Quiñónez

It’s the annual Fall Fund Drive here at Arlington Independent Media, so perhaps it is natural that my thoughts should turn to philanthropy and charitable giving.

How do decisions get made in philanthropy? Who decides what gets supported? How do we know what’s needed, or what works? How do we know we’re not throwing good money after bad?

And, of course: how does — or might —  curiosity shape philanthropy?

Sonia Quiñónez is the Northern Virginia Program Director at the Meyer Foundation. She joined me to explore the importance of curiosity, surprise and risk-taking in the strategic choices that funders make.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #91: Curiosity & Philanthropy with Sonia Quiñónez.


Visit the Meyer Foundation.

Jim Ryan’s “five essential questions” beginning with “Wait, what?”

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