Dance & Embodied Curiosity, with Erin Foreman-Murray

“Dance is how I practice curiosity. It is the vehicle through which I’m asking questions about the world — and investigating questions about the world. ”  ~Erin Foreman-Murray

Twice, now, I’ve handed the show’s reins to a student intern and been delighted with their vision and willingness to dive into conversations I might not have thought to seek. This week, Michela Dwyer talks with dancer, choreographer, educator and American University professor Erin Foreman-Murray about dance and embodied curiosity.

It is a lovely conversation, full of quiet eloquence and the intimate warmth of a student and teacher dancing with one another’s ideas…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #105: Dance & Embodied Curiosity, with Erin Foreman-Murray.

Many thanks to Perry Zurn, Asia Ferrin and the Department of Philosophy and Religion at American University for the privilege of working with their students. Later this year, I’ll launch a “Guest Host” series of episodes conceived and pitched by AU students specifically for this show. I look forward to unveiling more surprising and exciting conversations like this one. Stay tuned!

 “Be a forward thinker and a creative doer in a moving world.” More about American University’s Dance Program.

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Our theme and other music are thanks to Sean Balick . 

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Foreman-Murray How are we going to come back to the question if we're not curious?


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