(Re)Creating Community, with Ashley Goff

“You know when a space has been designed with you in mind, because you also know when it hasn’t.” ~ Ashley Goff

How does a community use curiosity to create — or re-create — itself and its relationships?

In the mid 2000s Arlington Presbyterian Church (APC) asked itself the big question: why do we exist?  They took their question into the streets and, based on what congregants heard from their neighbors, APC sold its land to Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing to create Gilliam Place, a 173-unit affordable housing apartment. APC now rents space in the first floor of Gilliam Place.

Ashely Goff wasn’t there for that process, but she honors its legacy and uses the same humble inquiry as she continues to (re)create community…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #113: (Re)Creating Community, with Ashley Goff

Check out Arlington Presbyterian Church. (We recorded this show before the coronavirus’ impact was fully felt in Arlington. APC is now working to (re)create community online as well: FacebookTwitter and Instagram)

Gilliam House is just one of Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing‘s (APAH) properties in Arlington and the DC area. 

Here’s a little more about Edgar Schein and Humble Inquiry. 

Ashley Goff photo by Aimee Custis Photography

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