Mirrors & Windows: Reading & Kids, with Jennifer Sauter-Price

“The book is almost just the medium. What we really want is a ‘serve and volley’. If your child talks to you — even if it’s just a babble or a glance — as a parent, you really need to engage back.” ~ Jennifer Sauter-Price

All you need to know about Read Early And Daily (R.E.A.D.) and “Pajama Mama” Jennifer Sauter-Price is summarized in the organization’s vision: “Empower families to foster empathy, curiosity, and self-confidence in their young children through the joy of reading together every day.”

This week it’s all about the power of books to open eyes, minds and whole worlds, starting when we’re very, very young.

I always have questions, but sometimes it’s not appropriate to ask some of my questions, to put that responsibility on someone else. It’s more up to me — and books are a great way to do that.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #174: Mirrors & Windows: Reading & Kids, with Jennifer Sauter-Price

Check out Read Early And Daily (R.E.A.D.) They got some nice local coverage from ArlNow and Arlington Magazine.

Read more about Rudine Sims Bishop on the importance of windows and mirrors as kids see themselves and others in books, here and here.

Find Micha Archer and her Wonder Walkers here. And check out the origins of StoryWalk, kindness of the good folks at BookRiot (source of the Read Harder Challenge, a prime curiosity practice).

Oh, and don’t miss Jason Reynolds, Jennifer’s favorite author. 🙂

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