Curiosity as a Business Tool, with Tara Palacios

“They’re using curiosity in a different way to help provide a solution. That curiosity is never ending because the situation is always changing. It’s fascinating because it’s so much a part of that space that entrepreneurship is in, on a daily basis.” ~ Tara Palacios

Curiosity is hot in the business world, but what does it look like on the ground, and for small businesses, away from the glitz of Forbes and Inc.?

Tara Palacios knows. Tara is founder and director of BizLaunch, Arlington’s small business and entrepreneurial assistance network. She joins me to explore curiosity as a business tool — especially as she and others discovered the power of a good and curious pivot in the face of the pandemic.

Coachability is a curiosity practice. You have to be willing to understand your weaknesses and what you have to do to overcome them.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #176: Curiosity as a Business Tool, with Tara Palacios

Learn more about Arlington Economic Development’s BizLaunch offerings, especially ReLaunch.

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The business case for curiosity is strong. Check out the research by Francesca Gino in Harvard Business Review.

Tara loved the analogy of seeing “the mighty oak in the acorn” that I learned from my conversation with George Mason professor Tojo Thatchenkery about curiosity and appreciative intelligence.

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