The Right Questions for Legal Empowerment, with Naomi Campbell

I think people assume that you must be curious in order to ask questions. We actually see that it’s the reverse: that when people come up with their own questions they become curious.” ~ Naomi Campbell

The Right Question Institute (RQI), works to build a more just and equitable democracy by strengthening people’s ability to ask questions and participate in decisions that affect them. As RQI puts it, “When people of all ages learn to ask the right questions, it leads to feeling a new sense of agency, confidence & power.”

Naomi Campbell directs RQI’s Legal Empowerment program, leading RQI’s efforts to promote the adoption of the Right Question Strategy in legal practice settings serving low-income communities.

The work is aimed at offering a simple way to integrate capacity-building into practice at the micro-level, as part of a systemic change strategy at the macro-level. That sounded to me like a serious curiosity practice in service of community transformation and I wanted to know more.

Our job is to simplify and democratize teaching very fundamental critical thinking skills.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #181: The Right Questions for Legal Empowerment, with Naomi Campbell

Learn more about The Right Question Institute.

Read Jamie Jirout’s research on children’s questions and problem solving.

Take a look at this excellent coverage from The Guardian on work by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir on scarcity. Their work is not focused on curiosity specifically, but it certainly resonates!

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