Curiosity & Geocaching Goodness, with Sonny Portacio

“If you change your point of view, you will see something new.” ~ Dad

Do you like a good scavenger hunt? Love the thrill of discovering new places? That’s your curiosity calling!

Wait ’til you hear about geocaching, a GPS-driven treasure hunt game for the 21st century.

Sonny Portacio hosts The Podcacher Podcast, a hit variety show all about “geocaching goodness” that he and his wife Sandy have been sharing since 2005. Who better to talk about curiosity and geocaching?

Right there is the first level of curiosity, asking “What is this about?” And then I remember finding my first cache and thinking, “How cool!”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #183: Curiosity & Geocaching Goodness, with Sonny Portacio

Catch Sonny and Sandy and The Podcacher Podcast right here.

Want to know more about geocaching? Geocaching HQ has you covered. There are lots of local groups as well; a special shout-out to the good folks at NoVaGO (Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization), who helped get me started in the game!

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