The Human Library, with Ronni Abergel

“All you need is courage and curiosity.” ~ Ronni Abergel

What if there was a way to help people meet and talk with others whose lives are very different (or not!) from their own?

The Human Library does just that, by creating a safe space for dialogue, an opportunity for challenging stigma and stereotypes, and the chance to “unjudge” someone. 

Co-founder and CEO Ronni Abergel joins me to talk about “publishing” people as “open books.” Others come to the library as “readers.” And then the magic happens.

“Allow yourself to be curious, and allow yourself to ask the questions that your parents always said, ‘You can’t ask that,’ because in this space you can. If you are respectful and sincere about the question, please ask the question. Our books would love to answer it. They want to help you understand who they are and where they come from.”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #185: The Human Library, with Ronni Abergel

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