A Curiosity Practice Bonanza, with Jonathan Schooler

“Just the practice of asking questions gets you into a curious mindset.” ~ Jonathan Schooler

I reached out to Jonathan Schooler, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California Santa Barbara, about his research on curiosity — I had no idea what a wellspring I was tapping into.

In 28 very fast minutes we cover curiosity and creativity, the transformative power of asking questions, pivotal differences between general interest curiosity and deprivation curiosity, turning mind wandering into mind wondering, the loveliness of open mindfulness and implementation intentions … and the possibility of an app for all of that!

Fasten your seatbelt and keep your notebook handy. The curiosity practices come fast and furious in this one…

Mind wandering about things that you’re curious about is associated with creativity…We refer to this curious mind wandering as “Mind Wondering.”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #197: A Curiosity Practice Bonanza, with Jonathan Schooler

Check out Jonathan Schooler’s Meta Lab.

Follow the money. I first read about Jonathan Schooler’s work by way of the John Templeton Foundation and the Templeton Religion Trust, both of which support curiosity research.

Theme and other music by Sean Balick.

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