When You Are Curious, with Veronika Darwell

” …The power of having something new in your hands, that you can use — it’s almost like a new sword that you can go and fight in the world. Almost a new source of information. A new everything!” ~ Veronika Darwell

As the new school year gets started, I’ve been thinking a lot about the important teachers in my life, the ones who left an indelible impression. Those special educators helped me see and, as importantly, they made me feel seen. They gave me tools with which to engage the world around me, exciting me about  it — and me in it.

No surprise: Slovakian educator and author Veronika Darwell caught my eye when she popped up with When You Are Curious, a children’s picture book with delightful illustrations by Johnny Plasil.

What I didn’t expect was that our conversation would take us to how teaching finds us, the magic of learning multiple languages, and the importance of representation and inclusive design.

I wanted children to visualize themselves in the future, as well as identify as they are now. I wanted them to feel this book is going to be with them, wherever they go… that it is like someone they can trust.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #203: When You Are Curious, with Veronika Darwell.

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