India Asks Why, with Ruchi Manglunia & Shweata N. Hegde

“We were frustrated that there was no platform like this, so that’s when we were like, okay, maybe we can become that platform.” ~ Ruchi Manglunia

Maybe it was the pandemic. Maybe curiosity in having a moment globally. I’m not sure what it is, but the thirst for learning and the attendant explosion of science communication efforts in India are noteworthy.

I sat down with Ruchi Manglunia and Shweata N. Hegde, aka Jigyasa and Utsuka, the charming — and unapologetically curious — co-founders and hosts of India Asks Why, a “science podcast for young minds.” We talked about their inspiration, operation, and hopes for a more curious future.

For you to be curious, you have to have that support system — and I’m glad we have.
We hope to be that support system to other people.

~ Shweata N. Hegde

Listen to Choose to be Curious #205: India Asks Why, with Ruchi Manglunia & Shweata N. Hegde

Check out India Asks Why. What question might you pose?

Kudos to Ruchi, who won the Audience Choice award at the 2023 Swiss FameLab science communication slam.

Shweata and Ruchi are deeply appreciative of the support they receive from India BioScience.

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