Art Is Everywhere

NEW SEASON, NEW SEARCH: Inspired by Slow Looking Club’s “light and shadow” theme, I snapped a picture of an intricate linear interplay on Beinecke Plaza and remembered just how much I enjoy these hunts. I asked that network, what’s a theme you’d willingly follow for a length of time? Art is everywhere, came the reply.

But what do I consider art? What counts – what doesn’t? I think it requires at least some effort on someone’s part. Some metaphoric shoulder or back has to have been applied. It should seek to express…something. It needn’t be beautiful, ‘tho I mostly wish it was.

I look forward to taking more photographs. I enjoy sketching. My theme, my rules: I will include both.

And so a series is born. Every day for the whole of Summer 2023 I’ll find art everywhere.