Trust – with Scott Nycum

How lovely to mark our first anniversary with a focus on something like trust!

From the very first conversation with teacher Micaela Pond to the most recent with Monique Brown on racism, trust kept coming up in our conversations about curiosity in work and life. So I asked Scott Nycum, whose take on curiosity and leadership has been so well-received, to come back and explore this tender topic with me.

And what a delight to have the excuse to revisit some favorite moments in shows with Kelly Falkner on scientists and curiosity, Tom King on curiosity, the CIA, and the Caped Crusader, fellow WERA producer Jesse Robinson on the curiosity of “yes-and” in improv, Evie Priestman’s curiosity battle cry in our look at gender identity, and Jenn Seiff’s calming “5-5-5”.

I am deeply grateful for all the people who have made Choose to be Curious possible – from my talented and endlessly patient teachers, trainers and mentors, to my gracious and wise guests, my loyal listeners, and all the things so worthy of our curiosity. Thank you for choosing to be curious with me!

Listen to Choose to be Curious #27: Curiosity & Trust – with Scott Nycum.

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