Placemaking with Graham Coreil-Allen

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Artist and self-described radical pedestrianist Graham Coreil-Allen produces participatory projects and leads social initiatives in the service of pedestrians and places. I think his voracious curiosity is both a unifying theme and his secret sauce. We’ll wander around placemaking and being attentive to where we are in space. Come along for this fun and fascinating virtual Curiosity Walk! You’ll never look at crosswalks the same way again…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #33: Curiosity & Placemaking with Graham Coreil-Allen

I have been creating short “curiosity to go” segments for the morning drive-time show on WERA. The segments promote my upcoming program as well as link back to previous shows. They’ve proven to be a fun and challenging new format — and a great excuse to revisit some favorite old shows. This week, as we were looking at choosing to be curious as we walk around our communities, it made perfect sense to go back to the Farmers Market…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Episode 6: Curiosity Walks – Placemaking and the Market

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