Street Wisdom, with David Pearl

“Curiosity is pre-meaning-making. I would say that curiosity is a first step into meaninglessness — after which you can make meaning.” ~ David Pearl

I can think of no better way to mark the rather miraculous milestone of my 200th episode than with a conversation about walking and wonder. David Pearl is an innovator in business and the arts. He’s also inventor and founder of Street Wisdom, an exercise in meticulous whimsy that helps us find inspiration from strolling the streets around us.

If you’re not curious, you tend to stay in the highways, not the byways, and you tend to stay within boundaries that your brain says, “You’re safe, you’re knowledgable.”
And  you can go far, but you don’t go wide.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #200: Street Wisdom, with David Pearl

September 29, 2023 is the World Wide Wander. Join me and other Choose to be Curious fans as we join others around the globe in a day devoted to wondering and wandering in community, across six continents.

Read more about David Pearl and his truly delight-full work with Street Wisdom.

This isn’t the first time I’ve focused on walking. In fact, I celebrated my 50th episode by walking to all sorts of new-to-me places. Check out these other conversations: Ep. #33: Placemaking with Graham Coreil-Allen and Ep. #77: Taking Curiosity In Stride,

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