Curiosity, Big Data & the Flu, with Naren Ramakrishnan

What can we learn about flu forecasting from Twitter, Open Table and parking lots? A great deal, it seems. Dr. Naren Ramakrishnan, director of Virginia Tech’s Discovery Analytics Center (DAC), makes the case for curiosity and rethinking illness markers. Big data in a whole new light…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #49: Curiosity, Big Data and the Flu, with Naren Ramakrishnan.

Tantalizing idea: answers to all our challenges are hiding in plain sight, if only we can determine where and how to look for them. If only we choose to be curious. Arlington County Police Department Detective Sara Bertollini had something to say about that idea as well…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 22: Curiosity Is Lying in Wait.

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