Walking the Curiosity Talk

This is my 50th episode of Choose to be Curious and it’s dedicated to walking the curiosity talk. In honor of the occasion, I dedicated a weekend — 50 hours — to being actively and persistently curious.

Who knew it would involve tornadoes, grave diggers, affinity groups with names like BURP, and Chinese belly dancers?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #50: Walking the Curiosity Talk.

Choose to be Curious is approaching its second anniversary. On the first anniversary, Scott Nycum joined me to explore a theme that has come up a lot in these conversations: trust.

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 23: Don’t Just Walk On By

Many thanks to all the people who joined me in this curious adventure: Chuck Bell of StormTeam4, Julie Drews at The Brew Shop, Chris Kotiza of LickingHole Creek Craft Brewery, Lauren Holland with Millennium Stage, Chanda Choun and VFW Post 3150, and Barbara Januszkiewicz, Akemi Maegawa, and Andrea Cybyk at Metro Micro Gallery.

Extra thanks to Todd Daniel with The Walkaways for use of the song Calm Summer Night.

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