Tracy Schorn aka "Chump Lady" on infidelity as the antithesis of curiosity, More at

Infidelity – with “Chump Lady” Tracy Schorn

“Infidelity is the antithesis of curiosity.”

~ Tracy Schorn

Listen to Choose to be Curious #58: Curiosity & Infidelity with “Chump Lady” Tracy Schorn

Not surprisingly, Tracy has a lot to say about trust. That reminded me of Scott Nycum’s insights on the same subject. I put the two of them together for this week’s “Curiosity to Go” segment….

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 31: Trust Me

What do you think about Whitman’s line: “Be curious, not judgmental”?

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Walt Whitman - Be curious not judgmental. We discuss on

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To hear more of Scott Nycum, listen to Ep. #12: Curiosity & Leadership and Ep. #27: Curiosity & Trust

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