Matthew Cronin, The Craft of Creativity

The Craft of Creativity – with Matt Cronin

“It seems to me that teaching people to not be so upset with uncertainty would be part of the craft of curiosity.”

~ Matt Cronin

Are some people just born more creative than the rest of us? Absolutely not says George Mason University professor Matthew Cronin — but true “creatives” work hard to hone their craft, and curiosity turns out to play an important role. It’s all about the process…

Curiosity and creativity are very fragile.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #59: The Craft of Creativity – with Matt Cronin

The episode has been refreshed, March 2023.

And here’s the “Curiosity to Go” feature segment I created for WERA when the show first aired in July 2018. These are fun segments to make. I get to reflect on the current show as well as some other episode and connect them in some fashion. Just me, out here connecting the curiosity dots…


Matthew Cronin & Jeffrey Loewenstein’s book The Craft of Creativity

Matthew Cronin & Jeffery Loewenstein on Creativity: Think Gourmet Meals, Not Magic Moments 

Jeff Loewenstein’s online course on Creativity 

Theme and other music by Sean Balick.

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