Bias, with filmmaker Robin Hauser

“If we still have these natural biased tendencies, how are they helping us, or how are they thwarting our forward movement?” ~ Robin Hauser

Listen to Choose to be Curious #64 – Bias, with filmmaker Robin Hauser

So it turns out, choosing to be curious is a really effective strategy in the face of a whole lot of –isms.

Which, frankly, is part of why I produce Choose to be Curious. We have a lot of -isms to address.

Movie critic and fellow WERA producer Kevin Sampson led me to Robin. He’d interviewed her as a filmmaker for his show Picture Lock, butright awayhe saw this was a great curiosity conversation.

Almost two years ago Kevin and I took turns interviewing one another on the others’ show. We wanted to know what made each other tick. I hadn’t listened to our conversation for a long time. I had forgotten that we ended up talking about –isms as well. It seemed like the perfect thing to pair with Robin for this week’s 5-minute Curiosity to Go segment.

Listen to Curiosity to Go Ep. 37: -isms R Us

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Robin Hauser photo credit: Finish Line Features, LLC

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