Perry Zurn, Curiosity is Political,

Curiosity Is Political, with Perry Zurn

“I want to know: how many ways can we make curiosity come alive?” ~ Perry Zurn, PhD

Listen to Choose to be Curious #63: Curiosity is Political with Perry Zurn

Perry Zurn is a professor of philosophy at American University. HIs office looks like many academic spaces — spare, punctuated with piles. But the walls are different. The walls are adorned with The Curiosity Trilogy, by Noemi Charlotte Thieves (2016), an artist’s interpretation of his three “curious characters.”

We should all be so fortunate as to have our ideas made into art.


Perry asks us to attend to those who are passed over.  So do historian Susan Strasser and poet Marcia E. Cole, who joined me to talk about their efforts to look anew at our country’s history of lynching. This week’s Curiosity to Go segment brings the two conversations together in six thought-provoking minutes.

Listen to Curiosity to Go #36: Attending to What is Passed Over

As you go into your day, how might you change your point of view to see something new, to attend to something you might once have overlooked?

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If you change your point of view you will see something new.


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