A Capital Naturalist, with Alonso Abugattas

“You’d be amazed at what is out there.” ~ Alonso Abugattas

When my children were young and I was busy cultivating their youthful curiosity, bugs seemed like a good idea. Then a park ranger, Alonso Abugattas spent his days turning over rocks and poking into corners with my sons, delighting in their discoveries, in awe of the (natural) world around them. Happily, not much has changed in the years since…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #69: A Capital Naturalist, with Alonso Abugattas

If you have ever listened to one of my shows, you know I’m a big fan of that “get up and out” approach to life, but one of my guests took it a whole new level. When I first arrived at Arlington Independent Media, Laine Coates was the Membership Coordinator, but then she and her husband decided to pick up stakes and explore the country in their new-to-them RV…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 42: Pay Attention. Be Astonished. Tell About It. (5 min)

Check out the Capital Naturalist.

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Here’s a great contribution to the research on curiosity and well-being.

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Where has wildlife surprised you lately?

6 thoughts on “A Capital Naturalist, with Alonso Abugattas

  1. I live in East Falls Church. This summer, a beautiful fox came down my driveway and around the garage, pausing very briefly when he heard me exclaim “a fox!”. A few weeks ago, a large deer came bounding through the backyard followed by a large white dog. I love my neighborhood!

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