Citizen Science Is for Everyone, with Caroline Nickerson

“Citizen Science is for everyone. It really is a democratizing force.” ~ Caroline Nickerson

“Simply put,” says Sethuraman Panchanathan, director of the National Science Foundation, “a citizen scientist is anyone who is curious about the world and eager to help explore and understand it.” 

Caroline Nickerson advises SciStarter, one of the allied network of organizations promoting citizen science and April as Citizen Science Month. Her citizen science enthusiasm is infectious!

“For those who are scared of the word ‘data’: data is just information. It’s words and pictures. It’s numbers. It’s just information about the world that we analyze — we take a look at — to draw conclusions and create new knowledge about the world.”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #193: Citizen Science Is for Everyone, with Caroline Nickerson

Learn more about SciStarter and Citizen Science Month:

Other places to find your fellow citizen scientists include: Zooninverse, City Nature Challenge, Capital Naturalist. And here’s my full conversation with Alonso Abugattas.

We mentioned these studies in our conversation. Check them out!

Crowd the Tap:

Land Loss Lookout:

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All of Us:

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