Animal Curiosity at the National Zoo

Listen to Choose to be Curious #70: Animal Curiosity at the National Zoo

Here’s the trail of breadcrumbs that led me to Amazonia at Smithsonian’s National Zoo …

…I discovered the Center for Curiosity on social media. The Center was sponsoring a conference a year ago I couldn’t attend…

…So I opened a correspondence with conference organizer American University philosophy professor Perry Zurn, whom I eventually interviewed for Curiosity is Political

…Who made Choose to be Curious required listening for his students and invited me to speak to his classes, where Nick asked what I knew about animal curiosity.

Umm: nothing

But we have the National Zoo, right here! So off we went, dropping more breadcrumbs along the way… Curiosity to Go, Ep. 43: Of Salamanders and Such

Many thanks to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo for making Hilary available to us. Consider supporting animal curiosity via the Zoo’s enrichment program. Photo used with permission from and with thanks to Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

More than a philosopher: check out Nick on Soundcloud @NeckBarham.

Theme music by Sean Balick; thanks to Blue Dot Sessions for”Trivial Call” by Bayou Birds and “Lord Weasel” by Molerider.

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