Curiosity on the Menu, with Noobtsaa Vang

“That’s what’s interesting about entrepreneurship: people will ask you why, and you will not have an answer.” ~ Noobtsaa Vang

HYPOTHESIS: Noobtsaa Vang’s brainchild Foodhini is a case study in entrepreneurial curiosity: curiosity inspired the business model; drives strategy to meet business needs; and attracts customers to a social enterprise built around the people behind the food.

We test the hypothesis…and Noobtsaa reveals a story he doesn’t often share.

p.s. The shawarma….oh my gosh! ♥

Listen to Choose to be Curious #76: Curiosity on the Menu with Noobtsaa Vang

I’m delighted to introduce the radio debut of our Choose to be Curious/American University intern, Caroline Kish. She found a link between our conversation with Noobtsaa about the comforts of food and Brandon’s insights on empathy: it’s all about making the human connection.

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 49: Human Connections

More about Foodhini here. Check out Noobtsaa’s TEDx Talk.

Halcyon Incubator helped Noobtsaa really hone his business.

Theme music by Sean Balick.  Scripting and narration to our Curiosity to Go segment, research and other support by Caroline Kish, with thanks to American University.

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