Curiosity and the Law, with Palma Strand

” If law ignores [that] social grounding — which it does all the time — then you have this very thin, pathetic, very rigid and incurious view of what law is all about — as opposed to what it could be and, to a large degree, what it is. But we don’t talk about that very much.” ~ Palma Strand

Listen to Choose to be Curious #75: Curiosity and the Law, with Palma Strand

A funny thing happened on the way to this broadcast. I had taken advantage of Palma’s being in town over the holidays to record this conversation. In the intervening weeks, I’ve recorded many more interviews — and I kinda forgot what Palma and I had discussed. So when it came time to draft this blog, I drew a bit of a blank. Oops.

For each episode, I attempt to listen deeply to the conversation in real time. Then, as I edit, I listen some more. Often, a lot more. Just before broadcast, I’ll listen again — if only to be sure I’ve ingested the right episode. And then I listen to the show as it airs.

It’s different every time. I hear different things.

And what I heard most recently was Palma’s message about listening. About our personal, social and systemic needs for deep listening. Our civilization depends on it.

Which made my choice of Ellen Fox and our conversation about ethics consultation as this week’s “Curiosity to Go” pairing with Palma make all the more sense: we should be listening like our lives depend on it.

Because they do.

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 48: Listen Like Our Lives Depend On It

More about Palma Strand , the 2040 Initiative at Creighton and some of the organizations she’s helped found: Civity and Challenging Racism

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