Curiosity Is the Gateway to Connection, with Mike Morales

“What I love most about curiosity is sitting with someone I don’t know, asking what makes them tick, what brought them to this day, just really leaning into it — and enjoying it.” ~ Mike Morales

Mike Morales has just retired from the military, served as a White House Fellow, and has gone to both business and divinity school. We might never have met had a friend not made the introduction. “He is like sunshine,” she wrote. She didn’t mention his impressive credentials (other than a certain TEDx Talk on curiosity). She simply assumed we’d appreciate one another as people.

That was reason enough to have lunch — and then to invite him here to keep the conversation going.

As he puts it, curiosity is the gateway to connection.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #81: Curiosity Is the Gateway to Connection.

Mike and I talked a lot about connecting dots, weaving threads, linking hands.

Which got me thinking about the all the ways we can connect dots. About building and maintaining relationships in general — and my mother-in-law’s in particular…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. #54: Connect the Dots

Catch Mike Morales’ TEDx Talk: Curiosity is the Antidote for Loneliness.

Sound alchemist Yoko Sen introduced me to Mike.

Listen to the whole Sondra’s Story episode and check out Jennifer Mendelsohn’s work.

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Every C2BC conversation has its pearls that roll across the floor as we sit in the studio. This week I heard a gem that Mike attributed to his military training and that spoke to my experience as well… #truth

No plan survives first contact

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