What Is a Question? with Lani Watson

“If a question is an act performed to elicit information, a good question is an act performed competently in order to elicit worthwhile information.” ~ Lani Watson

We’ve talked about better and more beautiful questions, but what about the foundational question: what is a question? Edinburgh philosopher Lani Watson is thinking a lot about the question question…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #82: What Is a Question? with Lani Watson

Once you’ve settled on what a question is, perhaps you’re interested in getting better at asking them. That’s where Andrew Minigan and the folks at the Right Question Institute come in. They’ve developed some simple techniques we can all use. A perfect pairing with Lani:

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. #55: Ah, There’s a Question!

What do you think: what makes a question a question?

Let us know – comment below!


Participate in Lani’s research:  What is a Question Questionnaire.

More about Lani Watson and OPEN Scotland, a network of people interested in teaching and doing philosophy in Scottish schools and communities.

The Right Question Institute blogged about my conversation with Andrew Minigan – funny to find myself quoted from one of my own shows!

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