Can We Choose to Be Curious? with Asia Ferrin

“I have to confess: it’s hard to prove that we can choose.” ~ Asia Ferrin

I’m poking at my own assumptions — at my very premise — and asking: can we choose to be curious? American University philosophy professor Asia Ferrin wasn’t going to let me get away with making it her job to answer the question. She pulled me right in there with her.

What I Learned: morality might be more hardwired than we’ve been inclined to believe.

What I Loved: conversations about curiosity and choice might actually be conversations about compassion.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #84: Can We Choose to Be Curious? with Asia Ferrin

This episode first aired on WERA in July 2019. It has been refreshed (April 2023). The following “Curiosity To Go” segment aired to promote the show at its original air date

My choice of “choose” was not accidental in naming my show. I believe that we reveal our true selves through our choices, however free they may actually be, and — as with exercise or eating right or courtesies — choosing to be curious is a decision we make about how we show up for life.

Or on the stage! Talking with Asia about choosing made me think of actor Jesse Robinson and our conversation about the choices he makes in improvisational theater…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 57:  A Matter of Choice

More about Asia Ferrin and the Curiosity, Mindfulness and Education workgroup at American University, of which I am honored to be a part.

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4 thoughts on “Can We Choose to Be Curious? with Asia Ferrin

  1. Love seeing conversations about curiosity. This is a major part of my work. I wonder if curiosity can be a choice AND a way of being? My thoughts about this is that there is more than one aspect of curiosity. It is a topic that is just beginning to be understood. Well done 🙂

    1. I can think it can — be choices and way of being — and through choice become MORE of a way of being. Like many practices, the more we do it, the more easily we do it. If you’re not already familiar with Todd Kashdan’s work on the multidimensionality of curiosity, you might find that of interest as well. Thanks for listening!

      1. Yes, I am familiar with Todd’s work. I can see you haven’t seen mine. I’ve been looking at the curiosity systems and the possible neuroscience of it for a while now. It is certainly something you can turn on through practices but there are also dynamic responses as an emergence as well. It’s all interesting… and curious 🙂

      2. I’ve been reading up on yours 🙂 Nice to find a fellow-traveler!

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