Designing for Curiosity, with HyunJoo Oh

“We use curiosity as a medium, to study how to make people think. ” ~ HyunJoo Oh

Some time ago I came across an article about a new class at Georgia Tech called  Designing for Curiosity, The class was the brainchild of HyunJoo Oh, who has a joint appointment in the School of Industrial Design and School of Interactive Computing. HyunJoo challenged her students to apply the theories of design to the reality of kids — the world’s toughest audience.

So what did that all look like? What did they learn along the way?  And what might the rest of us draw from their experience?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #94: Designing for Curiosity, with HyunJoo Oh

Machines from paper! More about HyunJoo Oh and her Designing for Curiosity class. 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Designing for Homo Ludens, by Bill Gaver.

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If you were designing for curiosity. how would you measure your success?-2

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