Curiosity, Values & Financial Planning, with Rebecca Borton

“I want people to be curious about the alternatives that are available to them.” ~ Rebecca Borton

This week we meet at the intersection of Money and What Matters.

Rebecca Borton is Associate Client Advisor at Concentric Private Wealth. She and her colleagues provide independent wealth management and financial planning services with a focus on behavioral advice. Research shows curiosity leads us to generate alternatives. Rebecca and I consider how choosing to be curious about what matters most to us might actually help us plan more effectively.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #97: Curiosity, Values and Financial Planning, with Rebecca Borton.

More about Rebecca Borton’s work and her interview with WERA’s Yasmine Arrington on Millennial Minds. 

Francesca Gino’s research is featured in this three-part Harvard Business Review cover feature on curiosity. 

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