Cultivating Cultural Intelligence, with Asma Ahmad

“When we become curious about something, we are choosing to let go of everything we know, to drop everything we know, and just plunge. ” ~ Asma Ahmad

Cultural intelligence is the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Its cultivation calls upon many aspects of curiosity: empathy, adaptability, and a tolerance for ambiguity.

Asma Ahmad is the visionary and driving force behind the social enterprise start up, Zaha, an immersive cultural experience that provides opportunities to connect and engage with people from other cultures, through co-created food experiences and storytelling.

She offers us a path to greater cultural intelligence.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #98: Cultivating Cultural Intelligence, with Asma Ahmad

As you go through the week, how might you cultivate your cultural intelligence and reveal some more of your intangible heritage to someone else?

Check out Zaha Experience.  

More on cultural intelligence from Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and the Cultural Intelligence Center.  

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