Arlington Magazine Best of Arlington Editor Pick: Local Podcast!

I am thrilled and honored to have been selected as an Arlington Magazine Best of Arlington, Editor Pick: Local Podcast. 

ArlMag cover“Hosted by Lynn Borton, a former executive at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Choose to be Curious on Arlington’s WERA 96.7 FM explores a wide range of intriguing issues. And when we say “range,” we mean it. In 2019, for example, Borton chatted with show guests about equity in public policy; Leonardo da Vinci and the benefits of distraction; and the effects of anthropogenic forces on the environment. On her website, Borton writes: ‘I learned to ask, not to assume; to empathize, not judge; to appreciate the importance of worldview and life experiences that were very different from my own.'” ~ Eliza Berkon

You, too, could be making your own media. Check out the great classes at Arlington Independent Media — and listen to WERA 96.7 FM (streaming at for lots of other terrific local programs!


You can subscribe to Choose to be Curious on Apple Podcasts/ iTunes and Stitcher.

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