Everyday Curiosity, with David Lydon-Staley

“When you’re experiencing a state of curiosity, or other positive kinds of emotions, you tend to broaden out into the world.” ~ David Lydon-Staley

Listen to Choose to be Curious #100: Everyday Curiosity, with David Lydon-Staley.

EDITOR PICK LOCAL PODCASTHow does one celebrate 100 conversations about how curiosity shows up in work and life? By exploring curiosity in its most everyday expressions. By celebrating the recognition this show has received: serious study and as a Best of Arlington Edit Pick.

A celebration, indeed.

Thank you for joining me on this curiosity adventure!

Check out David Lydon-Staley’s fascinating work, here

I’m so honored to have been selected Arlington Magazine, Best of Arlington, Editor Pick: Best Local Podcast. Be sure to check out the other winners and support those local businesses!

A special thanks to realtor Christine Hopkins, who has sponsored Choose to be Curious for most of these 100 episodes. Find Christine on Facebook.  

Thanks to Sean Balick for our theme music. Check out Sean’s new album “From the Pines”. “Silk and Silver” by Azalai via  Blue Dot Sessions.

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Choosing To Be Curious 100


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