Reflections-Not-Resolutions, with Kristine Wood

“It’s impossible to get to the place of non-judging awareness without a pause.” ~ Kristine Wood

It’s the new year, and resolutions are everywhere. But rather than obsessing over those fraught promises, I propose we focus on new year’s reflections. Kristine Wood provides work-place facilitation and training. She knows a thing or two about the powers of reflection — and of relaxing our certainty.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #102: Reflections-Not-Resolutions, with Kristine Wood

As you contemplate the new year, how might you bring curiosity forward?

What questions might you ask yourself that open possibilities for you?

And: remember to take that pause.

Kristine Wood is  founder and principal at Core Skills LLC. 

Here’s that 2017 list from Forbes. What questions are richest for you?

Our theme music is by Sean Balick . Check out Sean’s new album “From the Pines”.  “UpUpUp and Over” by The Ballonist, via  Blue Dot Sessions.

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