Curiosity, Trust & Homebuying, with Realtor Christine Hopkins

“If you streamline the beginning, and you don’t really know what’s motivating someone, or what’s important to them, or what’s going on in their life, you could find it all goes south … because there was something you didn’t get at.” ~ Christine Hopkins

From my home to yours in this holiday season, a conversation about curiosity, trust — and real estate. Realtor Christine Hopkins shares her insights on curiosity’s role in building trust at one of life’s most intimate transactions: buying a home.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #101: Curiosity, Trust & Homebuying, with Realtor Christine Hopkins.

Christine has sponsored Choose to be Curious for most of my 101 episodes. I appreciate her support more than I can say. Find NoVa House Hunter on Facebook.  

That trust equation I mentioned? You can find more here.

Our theme music is by Sean Balick . Check out Sean’s new album “From the Pines”.  “Home Home At Last” by Warmbody, via  Blue Dot Sessions.

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