Bipartisanship & Curiosity, with Bob Mitchell

“By opening ourselves to listening and to new ideas, we actually come up with something more dynamic — a better solution to the public policy issue that we were thinking about.” ~ Bob Mitchell

More than 25 years ago, Bob Mitchell founded a leadership program in Michigan to train diverse cohorts of would-be political candidates in campaigning and governing — in a bipartisan way. Now he wants to take it national, starting with a partnership in Virginia.

A timely curiosity conversation about the power of listening well and seeking opportunities, instead of obstacles.

Vote for curiosity!

Listen to Choose to be Curious #110: Bipartisanship & Curiosity, with Bob Mitchell

Check out the Bipartisan Leadership Project and the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Science curiosity turns out to be a good marker for being politically open-minded. Fascinating research!

Read up on the 48 Laws of Power. Might you defeat your enemies by making them friends?

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