Curiosity & Health Advocacy, with Nicole Rochester, M.D.

“When patients and their family members understand the why, they’re much more likely to follow through.” ~ Nicole Rochester, M.D.

Studies show that health information seeking behavior (HISB) raises individuals’ self-care management skills and medical treatment compliance, and enhances shared decision-making and medical treatment satisfaction.*

So choosing to be curious about our own health and health care options is good for us.

I know from my own experience, when health concerns get complicated – which is to say any time we’re talking about healthcare – it’s incredibly helpful to have more than one person asking questions, hearing answers, and wondering about alternatives. That might be a family member, friend, trusted community member — or a professional health advocate. Dr. Nicole Rochester, physician and founder of Your GPS Doc LLC, is such an advocate.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #109: Curiosity & Health Advocacy, with Nicole Rochester. M.D.

Check out Dr. Nicole Rochester at Your GPS Doc LLC.

*It turns out, health seeking behaviors are good for you. Take a look at the research.

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