The Inquiring Minds Behind Science Writing, with Kim O’Connell

“People are curious…they just have to figure out how to wade through all the volumes of information they get.” ~ Kim O’Connell

Pop quiz: what were the last five articles you read from a news source? And how many of them had to do with science? Climate change, perhaps? The chase for a COVID vaccine? Migratory paths of the monarch butterfly? 

We depend, perhaps now more than ever, on the fierce curiosity of writers and journalists like Kim O’Connell. I give you a celebration of all things science writing.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #129: The Inquiring Minds Behind Science Writing, with Kim O’Connell

Kim O’Connell writes at the “intersection of people and place” and teaches at the Johns Hopkins Science Writing Program.

More on the impact of science curiosity on political divides: here and here.

I’m a big fan of the collections of best science writing that come out each year, and Kim mentioned the graphic novels about Madame Curie. Enjoy!

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