Ode to Crows, with Colleen & John Marzluff

“The thing that strikes me most about a crow being curious is that they will stand back and look and watch. They will observe a situation, and then they will act.” ~ John Marzluff

Having seen thousands of crows roosting right nearby, how could I not do a show about these curious creatures that use tools, are self-aware and (be still, my heart!) appreciate analogies? And who better to talk with than Colleen and John Marzluff, corvid experts extraordinaire? 

Listen to Choose to be Curious #130: Ode to Crows with Colleen & John Marzluff

One morning, I caught the crows as they rose from their night’s roost in Rosslyn and into the morning fog…

This is the first in what I imagine will be a series of episodes inspired by things I can see from my balcony, a sort of celebration of curiosity about one’s surroundings, new or old. What might we learn if we pay just a little more attention to what’s right in front of us?

More on John & Colleen Marzluff’s work at University of Washington. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Crow Scientist is a free app that invites young students to observe crows the way a scientist might and is designed to support simple science projects.

Crows have been getting some great press on their intelligence, use of tools, and ability to think in analogies.

Our theme music is by Sean Balick. “The Cast and Favor” by Bayou Birds, via Blue Dot Sessions

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