Neighboring, with Alli Henry

“Passive place-making today is so relevant because we want folks to have those curious moments of coming down the sidewalk.” ~ Alli Henry

For years, Alli Henry, now Director of Community Planning at Rosslyn BID (Business Improvement District), and I have been having conversations about place-making and community–building. The pandemic has put our theories to the test: How do we build a sense of belonging in a place when we can’t easily meet the neighbors? How does a place become “home” when many of the usual markers are missing?

And how might curiosity help?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #131 – Neighboring, with Alli Henry.

What strategies have you seen communities test to make us feel at home?

Check out the Rosslyn BID and WalkArlington, two local resources that have helped me with my “neighboring”. And here are my show inspired by the crows that roost in Rosslyn and an episode all about walking.

This episode’s title was inspired by the work of Detroit-based artist and curator Maceo Paisley whose segments on “neighboring” in the Headspace mediation app have impressed and moved me.

Our theme music is by Sean Balick. “Shift of Currents” by Aeronaut, via Blue Dot Sessions

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