Curiosity & Learning in Two Languages, with Marleny Perdomo

“As an educator, that is a goal: that the children are able to develop skills that allow them to see things differently.” ~ Marleny Perdomo

One of the things I loved about my children’s dual immersion education was that it never occurred to them that there weren’t at least two ways to think about a thing.

How, I wondered, does curiosity fit in the bilingual picture? Marleny Perdomo, the delightful principal at Key School / Escuela Key joins me to consider the question.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #134: Curiosity & Learning in Two Languages, with Marleny Perdomo

Check out Key School / Escuela Key where Marleny Perdomo presides as principal.

Great resources on dual immersion instruction from the Center for Applied Linguistics and lots of terrific research on the advantages of being bilingual here and here, with more from Panos Athanasopoulos here and here.

Theme music by Sean Balick; “Promesa” by Marisala, via Blue Dot Sessions

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